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>> multiple explosions rocked the damascus in the center. there are reports of casualties. you are watching al-jazeera, live. the third hearing resumes for the runner, oscar pistorious. and the surprise resignation within the government. >> a few years ago these women had not even set foot on a sailboat. wire of a now racing across the arabian gulf?
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>> four weeks into the syrian capital of damascus and the headquarters near the russian embassy was targeted. it is not clear what caused the explosions, what more can you tell us about these explosions? >> the pro-government media says that four explosions rocked the capital in damascus this morning. that area is very famous and very busy. many civilians killed, including children. the place where the explosion took place is usually a place where students stand on line and wait for the buses to take them back,.
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there are clashes between the government forces and the rebels. another adjacent neighborhood. these explosions look huge. buses, cars burned, people dead, children running away. the government accuses terrorist organizations of some of the activists saying that these explosions are saying they're justifying cracking down on the rebels. whoever is behind these explosions, they're very much coordinated attacks within the capital. >> thank you. the explosions happened just as
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the syrian national coalition met in cairo. there are reports suggesting that the opposition group is willing to negotiate with the government but only if the president is not part of the deal. we have the latest from these meetings in cairo. >> according to reuters, the draft community meeting from the opposition says that president assad cannot be promoted to a settlement. this was made clear between the opposition and members of the government who are not already implicated in violence in a way that does not undermine support of the revolution, to put an end to the assad regime. any negotiated settlement must be under the auspices of the
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united states and russia. there is growing acceptance within the opposition towards members of the government as something that other members of the opposition may have been earlier reluctant to endorse. they made it clear that until now this was an individual initiative. >> the olympic and pair olympic -- para olympic athlete, oscar pistorius, is accused of shooting his girlfriend dead. he said that he thought she was an intruder. we are going out to tanya, just outside the court. it seems that the heat of the case has turned from oscar pistorius to the lead investigator, hilton botha.
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remind us why. >> yes, that is absolutely right. because this morning there were these revelations that he is actually being investigated on seven counts of attempted murder. extraordinary, extraordinary developments in the story. they tried to pull a vehicle over and they fired into the vehicle, a minivan with seven people inside. the charges against them were dropped. you have to think that they were not pursuing anything behind them. after the detectives still live further evidence -- delivered their evidence, there was a crumbling of the prosecution's case. it was widely viewed that the
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defense scored all the points yesterday. >> a rivet in story with a lot of twists and turns, but this is the third day of the bail hearing and we have not even gone to the trial. are they expected to hand down a decision on whether he will be allowed out on bail? >> you are absolutely right, this has become something of a trial within a trial. we had expected a decision at some point today. they are now on the stand again. they were trying to get a closer look of the man. the judge had to call for everyone to keep comm. clearly, they are trying to get
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to the bottom of why the prosecution thinks this is a premeditated trial and why they think he should be denied bail. >> a rigging case. moving on now, bulgaria is meeting to vote on whether to accept a surprise resignation. the prime minister's entire administration stepped down on wednesday. we have the latest from the capital. >> a lively demonstration outside parliament here in the capital. these are supporters of the prime minister who wanted to get back to work and finish the job that he started. of course, not everyone supports them. big protests on the streets, protesting mainly about this massive increase in a electricity prices, 13%.
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that makes up a big percentage of household budgets year. it has impacted on people already suffering austerity. eventually we will get a vote in prop -- in parliament with the government's resignation being accepted. then this country will go into general election mode. speculation that the moment, but it could be as early as april, where there was an election scheduled for july. the president will speak on an outline the way ahead for bulgaria. and then the parties will start their campaigning. they have been accusing each other of letting down the country and letting down the economy during the debate in parliament behind me.
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>> mean while there were confrontations between protesters and demonstrators in greece. demonstrators are demanding a halt to planned spending cuts and tax hikes. one-third of the 11 million people in greece are unemployed. an associate of -- of a singapore businessman expected of being part of a global match fixing scandal has been arrested in italy. the interval investigation, conducted with the health of -- help of fifa, authorities were tipped off by italian officials. >> delegates have been here for the last few days, discussing how endemic the problem of match fixing is a cross football.
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they have acknowledged max fixing, a multimillion-dollar business, could be killing the game. >> what we saw in the past was just a little. also, international friendly. i heard from the euro whole press conference -- euro pulled -- euro pol press conference that as of now there is no indication that the organization has been infiltrated. >> the secretary general has denied that they are between two years and four years behind the match fixing in terms of their ability to gather evidence. that is because the match fixes use the most up-to-date technology while they are hampered by outdated rules.
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he said he would like that to change and said that law enforcement needs to work more closely and effectively together to fix the problem once and for all. >> secretary of state of the u.s. said that u.s. interests are threatened at home and abroad by lack of assistance. >> in these days of a looming budget sequester that everyone actually wants to avoid februarh
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february 24. ♪ >> hello again. top stories on al jazeera, at least four explosions in damascus. one after blast targeted the headquarters of the russian embassy. activists say that more than 30
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people have been killed. hilton botha -- oscar pistorius has appeared in court for the third day of the bail hearing. prosecutors have been dealt a blow after mistakes were remitted to have been made of the crime scene and the lead investigator himself is facing murder charges. the bulgarian parliament is expected to accept the resignation. despite the entire administration admission to step down. human rights watch is blaming the government of former mexican president. a report says that many went missing while in the custody of security forces. >> this is the face of the disappeared. >> my husband did not go missing. he has been banished. no one knows anything, no one
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gives us any help. >> each day there are more families asking what happened to one of the round. >> this is happening all over mexico. the authorities pay no attention. they do not listen. >> an internal mexican government court says the 25,000 mexicans have simply disappeared since the drug war began in 2006. >> most of the people missing in mexico are probably dead or in mass graves. there is a big likelihood that there are more mass graves here. >> the newly unleashed human- rights watch report documented 249 disappearances'. the report places a lot of blame on the previous government. >> what we have seen with him is
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that through most of his presidency he had a complete unwillingness to recognize the problem. there has not been any serious attempt by the authorities to get to the bottom of the case. >> the mexican navy abducted more than 20 people. the navy said they move them for their own protection. >> many of the disappeared started here at bus stations across the country. human rights watch report says the mexican government is dealing with a population the size of a small city simply vanishing. >> they also kill people. >> the case of her husband remains unsolved. she says it is time that she knew whether she was a wife or a
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widow. >> hugo chavez has refused to allow the bolivian president to visit him. he was prevented from meeting his close ally because hugo chavez was resting. the health of hugo chavez has become a major concern for his supporters. >> if he has a heart, it begins here in these colorful streets. government provided playgrounds meets the housing developments for the poor. >> you have to come to a neighborhood like this to understand where the groundswell comes from. >> gladys sanchez note something about devotion.
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she has built a virtual shrine to him in her apartment and says that her life has improved ridgy improved dramatically under his administration. >> if he walks in the streets he sees the people work with community organizations as children have more schools. >> even gladys is coming to terms with the fact that hugo chavez may not be her president for much longer. >> maybe i will die with him. sometimes i feel sick. my daughter's give me courage. i do not know if i can take this. >> there are now official hints that preparations are underway that his vice president and chosen successor will take his place. >> you will see the face of the
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modern. people are beginning to understand that the two months, he may be alive or continue living. >> his legacy is for now intact here. for gladys sanchez he will always be her president >> of the people they have rescued from a sinking ship, 22 people have been stuck and it wouldn't vessel without any food. 98 people died of starvation and dehydration. the ship had been at sea for two months. japan has hanged three convicted murderers in its first execution
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since the new government took office last year. one of the condemned inmates killed a schoolgirl. capital punishment has led to repeated protests. they currently have 134 inmates on death row. in india there is a today nationwide strike being held by trade unions. many shops, banks, and businesses have closed. they have indicated decision to open certain sectors to investment. leaders from across the continent are preparing to sign a deal to try to end a conflict between the government and the rebels. armed men have stormed a mosque
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in kenya. . the killing becomes two -- the killing comes two weeks before the election. they want to avoid a repeat of the election violence of 2007. we are getting news reports of the fate of a french family. the camera and in authorities have not confirmed that the family has been released. they're being told to leave northern cameron as quickly as possible. zimbabwe is approaching wealthy countries and the united
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nations for money. funding for the process can be generated from within. >> we have always held elections, since 2008, when the economy had a new economy of states. so, now we have over six companies. with eight other companies mining all over the country. we can finance the election with our own resources. >> former congressman jesse jackson jr. has pled guilty to misusing campaign funds. $750,000 were spent on personal use.
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flying ahead of the ceremony, [indiscernible] was held at the los angeles airport. it is his sixth business to america and he is the co- director of by a broken camera, surrounded by israeli settlements. the education system in indonesia has been plagued by bad teaching and high dropout rates. an innovative program is trying to fill the shortfall with smart, a young graduates in need. >> he is a long way from his home in the capital. a volunteer for the program with university graduate spending a year teaching at remote schools. the 23-year-old engineer lives
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on a volcanic island in a village nine hours from the local airport. they have a lot to catch up fund. they created techniques to engage with show and tell. one of 70 teachers station across indonesia. >> we have enough teachers. 66% of our schools do not have enough teachers. >> only two out of four actually attend classes. students say that having an experienced teacher matters. >> + i always do my homework and
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follow what we learn. >> we are happy when he teaches us. i want to be a teacher as well. >> the problem is that there are high dropout rates and government money does not reach students. >> bad roads and infrastructure make it hard for students to go to school and learn. but he does remain upbeat. >> even if they live on the slopes of a mountain, anything is possible. it will be hard to let them go back to jakarta. >> the indonesia school system recently came last. volunteers are trying to raise hope. al-jazeera, sumbawa.
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>> you can catch more of this story on educating indonesia on thursday. despite its maritime for traditions, they have not been able to make much of a mark on the circuit. they have been training the new generation to compete. they met the writ -- they met the women's team two years ago. >> in the adrenaline filled world of failing, these women are making waves. what they lack in experience they make up for in energy and enthusiasm. >> we are not filling that in quick enough. >> they might have one of the best female skipper's around.
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now she is passing on her experience to her crew. >> my job is to get these ladies really gaining confidence and skills. in a couple of years' time, hopefully this crew will be up and running. >> they are just a handful of the people. >> she is one of 21 graduates of the national women's sailing program in 2011. >> i used to have someone help me. >> it was a big one for us. she is a very friendly woman. we get the experience from her.
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>> it is all part of the master plan to build on the country's maritime heritage and training new generation of sailors. the country is expected to have built a sailing schools along the coast and introduced 70,000 of the people to the sport. >> this is about changing the culture and changing the way that they live and think. this is not just saving, this is physical nutrition and diet. i am very proud of these results. defeated thes team all male crews last year. this year they are hoping for success from europe. these women know that they are setting a course for a brighter future.
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>> mount at the has had its first major irruption in italy of 2013. it is one of the world's most
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